The Fallen Angel

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This is the one place I can be myself. A look inside my broken mind. I'm not really depressed or anything, just a little broken and lost.

Do you remember that one time I asked you to promise that you’d tell me if you stopped loving me? You agreed then.
I don’t know if you ever actually did, but I’ve been ignoring the signs that you don’t love me anymore for too long.
You never text me anymore.
We never talk for hours on the phone at night anymore.
When I wasn’t at school for a few days you didn’t even bother to send me a text asking if I was okay.

Well you know what? I’m not okay anymore.
This love is eating my insides and I’m starting to choke.

You’ll probably never see the smile on my face that you once told me you loved so much.

And the saddest part is? I’m drifting away from you and I KNOW, I fucking KNOW that you’re not gonna fight for me to stay.
That’s really what hurts the most.
I know I never meant much to you but you were the world to me. You still probably are.
But I’m gonna try and let go and be myself again. Yeah, it’ll break me but I’ll live.

I have to.

Im scared you arent happy anymore
Im scared im not what you want
Im scared to upset you
Im scared youre gonna leave
Im scared you don’t want to be with me
Im scared you’ll find someone else
Im scared you don’t love me anymore

But I don’t want to cry anymore………